I believe the main aspect in charge of preparing you to be successful are the elders. Elders are very knowledgable and wise and there is a reason for that. Through their experiences and teachings they have learned to become who they are. Therefore, they are the perfect ones to prepare you to be successful. Ceremonies are also very helpful because in ceremonies there is a lot of storytelling. Stories often have a teachings that one can learn from. Another great aspect are songs. Songs help getting people involved in the cultural community. Songs can be very uplifting and can morally support someone.

Cultural knowledge and ceremonial participation further prepares you for college because it will look very good on a college participation. Now a days, colleges are looking for students with these sort of backgrounds. They are looking to bring these students to enrich their programs with indigenous knowledge.

With all the teachings that you are given, you learn to share that knowledge with other people. You learn to be who you want and to take all your knowledge to give back to your community. Our generation has the responsibility to make a change in this world and the first step is always giving back to your indigenous community.


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