I think that singing cultural songs are important to me because my family has just started to sing the eagle song. It means a lot to my dad that I learn the song because he knows that one day I will have to teach younger people about it. I also know that respecting the elders is important in Lummi that they eat first. Also that they need everyone listening to them once they start talking. 

I think that being a part of a ceremony helps with the decision if I want to study a culture in college. If that was the point then I would return to my tribe and lend a helping hand with my knowledge.

In the future I would want to give back to my community by volunteering at the baby sitting place by Lummi Nation School or maybe become a helper for the fundraisers children have.

  Trisha Question:

How many phones have you had in your life time :]


One thought on “culture prompt

  1. hey my daughter babygirl I loved your posts today.. remember the eagle song is our family song and your clappers U made will be great to use when we sing it ok.. and I only get your hand me down phone which is how many now 3 or 4 lol.. love you trisha see you in a couple of days now..

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