Remembering that you wouldn’t be here without your ancestors and asking yourself if they would be proud of you defiantly makes a big difference. I have to say that is something i always ask myself to get me through what i want to accomplish. Another aspect is Ceremonies, to help me stay connected with my traditions. It makes me feel happy and that I am one with my spirit. Learning beautiful songs in all sorts of languages makes me feel so great. You always want to share them and sing them, that they play over and over in my head.

While your thinking about the creator and praying for your people. You realize that a lot of us are lost, and straying away from the path that was made for us. So it makes you want to get a good education for your people. So you can actually make a bigger impact in your community.

Getting the knowledge you need to understand politics, so you can defend your people. Its also good to start now, learning ways that you can make a difference. Volunteering for things that are for a good cause. Try to become close to people in your community so they know they can trust you in the future.



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