Three aspects in my cultural experience would be ceremony, language, and songs. Ceremony means a lot to my family and me, my sisters and I grew up in Native American Church. Eventhough I don’t attend as much as my younger sister does, the medicine and praying affects me in a great way. This has a lot to do with my college experience because I always pray for a good education and a happy life. Language would be next, being here at Pipeline makes me want to learn my language so bad. I want to be able to represent my nation and just to know my language, it means a lot to me and I plan to take classes in Lummi Language this up and coming year. My nations songs and my family’s Songs would be the most important to me because it keeps me connected to my culture and my sisters. My sisters and I sing and even though I’m working on my confidence skills and the process of beginning to sing, I don’t regret singing afterwards but its difficult for me to accept singing in front of my tribe or others.

These three aspects prepare me to speak for my tribe and to represent Lummi Nation. I want to do good so other youth will look up to me and see that there are other options than become addicted to drugs and alcohol. So they will respect there bodies and minds and try harder in school. This is my plan and I will stick with it.


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