1. Common app was helpful for applying to colleges because it gave me an idea of the tuition and the costs of living at college. Applying for college is going to be an interesting process. Thinking of the common application as a practice run for the real applications . Practice makes perfect.

2. Students need to have the colleges they want to go to in mind cause if you just go on the common app website without an outline then its kind of pointless. If you have a few colleges in mind thats why the site is there.

3. Its important to research colleges before because you have to think of what kind of climate you want to live in and how far you want to move away from home. You want to look into how many people are in the school has. You want to focus on what you need to give your 100% focus on education.

4. It is so dramatically important to write a great college essay because it determines if you get in top college or not. There are many things you have to have to get in to college but a college essay lets the college know how well prepared you are and how badly you want to get in.

5. Some tips for writing a college essay are use proper english. Don’t write like you are having having a conversation because you don’t want them to think that you don’t know how to write proper.

6. Writing your own story can be scary but you have to remember that no one is there to laugh at you or make fun of you they just want to see how you have struggled and then came through all of that to become the person you are today.


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