Last full day !!!!! :(

1. I will spread the word by sharing it on facebook and all the social media. I will try to tell everybody on the rez and i will where my t -shirt from here. I am going to brag about how great it is here.

2. I go to a lot of community gatherings and i will tell all the youth about how beneficial this program is and how fun it is. I will inspire people to come.



1. Common app was helpful for applying to colleges because it gave me an idea of the tuition and the costs of living at college. Applying for college is going to be an interesting process. Thinking of the common application as a practice run for the real applications . Practice makes perfect.

2. Students need to have the colleges they want to go to in mind cause if you just go on the common app website without an outline then its kind of pointless. If you have a few colleges in mind thats why the site is there.

3. Its important to research colleges before because you have to think of what kind of climate you want to live in and how far you want to move away from home. You want to look into how many people are in the school has. You want to focus on what you need to give your 100% focus on education.

4. It is so dramatically important to write a great college essay because it determines if you get in top college or not. There are many things you have to have to get in to college but a college essay lets the college know how well prepared you are and how badly you want to get in.

5. Some tips for writing a college essay are use proper english. Don’t write like you are having having a conversation because you don’t want them to think that you don’t know how to write proper.

6. Writing your own story can be scary but you have to remember that no one is there to laugh at you or make fun of you they just want to see how you have struggled and then came through all of that to become the person you are today.

Thursday july 23, 2015

Three things that prepare me to be successful are talking circles, songs, and language. Talking circles are important because when you talk together you can understand and get your feelings out. You feel like your not alone when you talk with your peers. Communicating is important it feels better when you get it all out. Songs can help us all be successful because there are healing. They can give you strength when you are weak. And language can help you be successful because you are representing your native tongue and in a way it can be empowering to your people and for you.

Participating in cultural ceremonies can help you be more successful and further your education because when you are putting all your attention and focus on your culture it can help you lift wight off your shoulders.

In the future this cultural experience can help you because one day if you go to a place where people want to know about your culture you will know what to do.


1. I made two of the crafts. I made a necklace made out of the bark off of a branch called dogbane. That was the chain part of the necklace and for the jewel part i created  a shape with a colorful shell and i sanded it and i made it look shiny with water sand paper. Another thing I made was a clapper out of a piece of wood.  I enjoyed making those traditional things. Learning how to make a piece of art from another culture i guess you could say was an amazing experience. I hope to have many more experiences with different tribes.

2. The teachings i related to most would be the way they enter there sacred land you have to honor you tribe when you walk on it. I related to that most because in every sacred land you kind of have to honor your land it a thing that doesn’t have to be spoken i think.

3. My favorite cultural experience the entire trip was when we were telling stories around the camp fire.


Our people deserve to tell thier story

1. Its important for the youth to tell their own stories because no one can tell your story but you and people need to know. People deserve to know how you feel and what you think. Most of all you deserve to tell your story. You are worthy of your story and you will feel 100x better it is worth it in the end. Our ancestors deserve for your story to be told.

2. The story i think needs to be told is how our people have suffered and how we came back stronger than ever. Believe it or not our people are strong Native Americans. We should be proud and telling our struggle and how we came through just proves the common quote ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

3. My favorite book is now “The Absolutely True Diary of a part-time Indian.” The reason that is my favorite is because its real. Its a true realistic book of life on the rez.

Relaxation is key after hard work!

A college of my choice would be NYU. It has always been my dream college. To go there would be amazing. Not many people or not much of my family knows that that is my dream college. To have a relaxing break from a hard week of studying and work I would most definitely go shopping. Shopping has always been my remedy for relaxation and happiness. I have always went shopping with my mom that is probably the best thing we do together. I think that is how me and my mom bonded. At NYU they have amazing shopping centers as many people would know. Its a place away from home that I could explore. As for who reads my posts knows I love exploring know places.

my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. My favorite part of native cooking with Kim Marcus was that I got to make indian food that i have never seen before. I love to learn about the old indian ways and cooking. Learning about other indian cultures is always a good experience. Even tho we arent from the same tribe we all connect one way or another.

2. My job during the stations was to open the pinyons and put them in a bowl. It was beneficial to dietary health because you have to balance your foods with dairy, protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

claremont mountains

1. The things I miss about home is probably that my birthday is tomorrow and I don’t get to spend it with my siblings and mom. I usually spend my birthday with my grandma mom brother sister and my stepdad. My grandma and mom usually have a dinner for me. I also miss my mom i spend a lot of time with her when she isn’t at work.

2. One thing that I miss about home is my family i don’t see them all the time but I usually see them every once in awhile. i have not gotten homesick  and i don’t think i will.

3.  One thing that is great about being away from home is I don’t have to just sit around and i don’t have to be around kids 24/7. That doesn’t mean that i don’t miss home but I know i am going to be there soon and time is going to fly.

Today was a good day I loved being off campus. I like going to the mountains thats what I cam here to do explore. And try new things and I am very grateful that I got the chance to do this program. I think we should do more off campus things as well.


Native culture can go hand in hand with education in many ways like if you want to study your culture or if you want to protect it. You can go to college and become whatever you want and then go back home and work for your tribe to make  it a better place. I know many people who have went to college and came back to better their tribe. I know my brother is going to school in Kansas and I think he is on his last year this year but after he gets his degree he is enlisted in the army so he will be doing his four years as an engineer. I personally would like to do that but the field i want to go in wont benefit my tribe but i will certainly try. I want to do everything i can to better my tribe.

help with college

There are many types of people who can help me get to college like teachers, counselors, and your family and friends. For me personally i would ask my school counselor and i would ask my biology teacher because she helps me out with things like that. People within my circle of friends, like christa are helping me by encouraging me and answering my questions. I am attending the pipeline and that is helping me go to college. By going to the pipeline i learn about how to apply to colleges and write essays.

Today I had a good day I got to learn more about my people and how they were treated in the past. I must admit it was sad but its good for me to know the past of my ancestors. We went to the pomona college and we got to work with microscopical worms. As gross as that sounds it was really cool to see how they work the machines. I myself would love to go into a science major in college so to see the different types of science is good for me.