1) The “common application” is a college admission application for undergraduate students. It is extremely useful because it is possible to make one application for several colleges, although some may require a specific essay for their institution only.

2) In order to use the common app a student must first create an account for it. The common app does a good job of walking you through the rest, and the layout is very simple to get around.

3) It is important to research colleges before you apply because it is extremely important to find the college that is right for YOU. Once a student narrows down the list of colleges with the search questionnaire that is provided, it is possible to read the details of each college.

4) It is important to write a strong college essay because the essays that are written are what describe and differentiate each student individually. It is the opportunity that every applicant has to show what’s special about them and why the college should select them over everyone else.

5) It is important to focus on yourself to write a college essay. Many of the prompts ask about a challenge that you may have overcame, or something similar. But rather than focusing on why the challenge may have been the most difficult challenge you have ever faced in your entire life, it is more important to write about what you learned from the experienced or what skills you learned.

6) In order to engae the reader in to your essay, make sure to write about the experiences that were extremely life changing, or an experience that was a once-in-a-life-time experience..


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