1.  The common application is an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of 517 member colleges. This does not include Uc’s and Cal State’s.

2. Students must first sign up for the common application website. There isn’t quite big preparation to this, because the common app practically runs you down in all the instructions. After signing up, you may add colleges to your list and you can get all the contact information you need for that specified college.

3. Researching colleges before applying is crucial in the application process. When you research colleges you are able to find out more about the college. You always want to research to narrow down your choices for college. This is important because you don’t want to apply and go to a college that you never researched and it turned out that the college was not the right one for you.

4. Writing a strong college essay will separate and differentiate you from the rest of the applicants. This is when admission gets to know who you are and they really look forward to a great essay. It is important that you keep the reader entertained while at the same time you write the truth of who you are.

5. When writing a college essay it is vital that you do as many drafts and revisions as possible. Have tons of people read and give you feedback to strengthen your essay. During this, try to stay truthful and be cautious with humor. Something that may be funny to you might not be funny to the person reading your essay. Another great thing to do is to state how you overcome challenges and explain what you have to offer for the college community.

6. I believe that in order to engage the reader when telling your own story is to tell it. Many of the times people will get really creative when writing but you must take into consideration the word limit. Many of the times its 500 words, so you must in a way keep it concise. Another great tip is to tell them how you are able to learn from your story and what you have to offer.



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