The common application is an easy way to learn how to fill out your application and how to type your essays for college. It’s really helpful! I’ve already started my essay prompts and hopefully be finished with the final essay before I start my senior year! Students prepare yourself by making notes and rough drafts and start the account to get started! Don’t forget to ask for help! It’s important to start looking at college when you get to high school it will give you some guidance to stick with the curriculum and requirements. Also research them and see what they have to offer for you and what you would like to major in to lead you to your future career. Take a tour! It’s important to write a strong essay because there is a lot of young adults who are gonna be applying and it’s going to be competitive.  Some tips to get you though the essay process. Start with some rough drafts, brainstrom for a bit, and ask for a friend to look at it or a teacher. Telling your own story in the essay can be hard for some but write what you think is best for you to tell the college why they deserve you. Be honest and confident. You can do it!

Today was a very spiritual day for all the indigenous youth. Felt good to take a stand for the protest for our indigenous rights! We sang and walked, not only for ourselves but fo reveryone who needed it the most. I was glad to see the community cheering us on and reading our posters for what we think is right, today we had a purpose and that was to make a change! #IDLENOMORE


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