Today we carried the voice of millions of aboriginal energies in our walk. We were not idle in any way whatsoever. The spirit of our peoples persist in our hearts and souls, and we let Claremont know. We danced. We laughed. We sang. We shouted. We were true to ourselves. I had the task of carrying the Huehue’s blanket on my shoulder. I did this with honor and pride.

We did not simply walk. We had purpose. We communicated our rights for acknowledgement and recognition as original peoples. Our women are statistically at the top of the missing peoples list. This needs to change.

In canada, we are called First Nations. In the United States, we are called Native Americans. Call us what you will; we are the caretakers of the Earth and its children. As Human Beings, we should never have to assert ourselves and make sure our rights are known. However, our governments force us to. We are often stripped of basic human entitlements and we want our leaders to stop being Idle. They were appointed to make change, and so they need to.


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