1) What is the “common application” and how is it helpful when applying to college?

The common application is an online website that helps you find and learn more about colleges that you think you want to go to.

2) What do students need to do to prepare to fill out the common app?

Students need to know what major they have in mind, what career they wish to have and what colleges they have in mind to prepare for the common app.

3) Why is it important to research colleges before you apply?

Its important to research colleges before you apply because the college may not be the college you want. Or the college you apply for might not have the major you want. So researching a college before you apply is always great, just to get every information that you need.

4) Why is it important to write a strong college essay?

It’s important to write a strong college essay because this is the biggest factor that will push the college into considering accepting you. This will determine whether or not you are the right student for that college.

6) What are some tips for writing a great college essay?

Tips to write a great college essay:

Be honest about what you write, do not lie about anything

Make sure you are expressing your true self and thoughts

Meet the requirements of the essay and even more

Go above and beyond with it, but not too much

Don’t babble, stay on topic

7) What are some tips for telling your own story that will engage the reader?

Tell your story in a way that keeps the reader interested. Be yourself. Try not to make It boring, maybe pick a point in your life that you know is heart-moving, interesting, or exciting.


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