1) The common application is helpful by showing the school that you want to apply to’s prompts ahead of time so you know what kind of questions to answer. It’ll show you what they want in a student and how much the college costs.

2) Students need to prepare by finding all your important materials like social security, grades for all four years of high school, birth certificate, etc..

3) It’s important to research colleges before you apply because you can find what you need and call the lines for questions you may have. Asking questions for scholarships or anything like that is very important.

4) It’s important to write a strong essay so the Board of Admission can get a feel for what you aspire to be and get a feel for you as a person. The more they get to know you ahead of time the better. Some tips for writing a great essay is to include as much detail of you as possible. While adding some of your personality to the story. Not too much though.

5)  Some tips for telling your own story is to make sure it comes from the heart. Give it some emotion the readers can feel. Not too much feel though, don’t wanna creep them out.


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