Almost everyday, our crew has been attending to “Common Applications” which makes you rethink what your “game plan” will be.  There are several ideas of what to choose as a career and to study on.  This almost daily class has been inspiring each of us individually to find the best college that suites our needs.  There are many different types of colleges that I am considering at the moment.  I’ve determined that I’ll plan on becoming a veterinarian but this ideal may change in the mysterious incoming circumstances.  There can only be one decision but I understand that I have plenty of time to rethink things.  When applying for college, this class may help since it gives us insight of what will be on the application.  Shelva Hurley has persuade most of us that this need for further education is in one of the highest importance in succeeding in life.

When finishing the common application, there are some necessities that are required to be completed.  For one, you have to determine the college you want to attend to.  There are various colleges that specify in certain studies; in example, if I were to attend a college and I still want to become a veterinarian, I’d need to attend a college or university specially obtaining the studies of life science or animal science.  They’d ask you a range of questions reflecting on your life and personality.

Researching for colleges should be important while applying for a college because there are costs to attending colleges, stats to reassure your graduating percentage, the majors you may want.  All those are only a partial ration of what components are distributed throughout an entire college curriculum.

Writing a solid college essay is mainly giving you professors and the board of admission. If you have an inner network and if they like what you write, they see where you come from and see the real potential you may obtain.

If you have a connection to your professors, they see you are trying to become a good student and when they write about you when you are trying to get a job, they’ll have a good context to write off of.  You may as well make friends with your professors rather than enemies.


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