1) My story, the commitment I would make to distribute my book as a website or posted on facebook. I would also talk to the LIBC to see if I would be able to hand out my experience to everyone that walks in. 

2)  I would share my story with, my father and all the people he cares about. I would like to share my story with the Lummi Youth Academy to give a bit more information about myself to them. Maybe I would share my story my last year in high school to my teachers and first year of college.

The last full day!

Im excited to go home, even though I wasn’t able to get as connected with the mentors and peers as much as I wanted to. Im sad that there is people I will not be  able to see next year but I’m happy to participate with everyone in the activities this year. This year didn’t feel as crowded as last year and we didn’t really get to go by the schedule which I thought was great.

Trisha’s Question:

Who will come back next year?

Home many pairs of shoes do you have?


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