Last day goodbyes…-Trisha

This whole program was so much fun and different from last year and the years before. I enjoyed these past 2 weeks with all the new people. I love learning more about college because I can’t just apply to a college without figuring out what other attachments are needed. Wishtoyo has helped me become more open to being who I really am. To start to communicate more with my peers.

I am excited to see the performance we are planning to do at grad. Thank you to the mentors and the amazing staff that helped me out throughout this program.



Returning to Wishtoyo for my third year it really opened my heart and mind to continue my adventure. I learned to clean abalone, make rattles with gourds, and information about everyones presentations. The group I was in presented the water cycle and the problem we want to show and introduce to the world.

My take away is the memories! I love-making new memories with new people and all my close friends.

At limuw I want to take the knowledge of the history of the island and the differences from the mainland. That water is important and is limited on the island.

These experiences with continue to be with me through memories and laughter. Both places have opened my spirt to express myself the way as if it is a first impression.


  1. An object would be my zombie candles because they have an interesting background story to them. So last year my best friend Kyla got me candles for the birthday cake. It was going to be a surprise but she was running late so they became a gift for next year. The reason for the zombie candles is because of how much time I actually put into playing my video games. More into the background of playing video games is that I started out playing zombies in 8th grade. The meaning of the little zombie candles is that I understand I have a friend that will know the little things that matter to me.
  2. A tradition to me is Thursday night dinners. There is nights where some of my close family comes over and visits for dinner and there are nights when its just my step-moms close friends. My aunt usually brings some potato salad or her fry bread and soup for all of us to eat and enjoy. After that my family does they own thing either the children play outside or I go over to a friends house and watch a movie and hang out.
  3. A tradition that I would like to create is a social media post talking about how movements are being viewed and their opinion on how it can get bigger. The issue that I am strong about is being disconnected because of technology and social media. So putting these apps on our phones to good use by creating movements through groups. Anything can be a movement to express the issue of a certain thing or people.

Memories – Trisha

Overall I want to continue making memories with all these amazing unique people here in the program to learn new things and make new friends just like me.

To start out my day I learned new indigenous games that were more interactive and based on competition. After breakfast I searched for scholarships that I would be more interested in and the requirements to apply. Then we listened to Albert talk about Shakespeare which was so much information for me to process in one day. The travel to Western U was a lot of fun with my friends, it created even more memories. The lab we went to in the afternoon, the information that you need to know contains a lot of memory and studying to figure out which part of the body is which. Even though I’m not interested in anatomy today.  Continue reading “Memories – Trisha”

Title #2- Trisha

Indigenous games with Hector was very important in progress for me. Being able to improve over the short amount of time we have with him in the morning is impressive. The story he told of his knowledge of where this game wasn’t going to last because warriors/teachers were being killed so, they went underground to continue practicing and teaching.

Writing common app class, it was a lot of knowledge about college opportunities that are open to anyone. Free money just by writing an essay expressing myself and sharing my story.


The native foods that are made around my house is fry bread and hamburger soup by my aunty. She sells her food around the tribe to make money to buy gifts for my little cousins that mean the world to her. I love her a lot. Her fry bread is unique because she takes her time or rushes and I can taste the difference between them.

Also my step-mother Lisa makes her fry bread taste so differently than my aunty’s. They can be different in taste if they were made with the same ingredients but different amount of each ingredients.



My slow healing scar on my knee (/.\)

Title- Trisha

After Joe spoke about the Idle no more movement has shown the effort that was put into the movement and how it was effected by each nation.

Saginaw has told stories about his history and culture. He talked about his life history of being an actor and how it wasn’t really his dream that it just happened. The story of the turtle taking its time up to the top of the mountain to reach his destination at the big tree. The lesson I took from the story was not to rush through life and that we should take our time and figure out who we are and what we can do for the community.

The issue that I’m passionate about is being disconnected with our friends and family. I think that technology is making individuals able to hide behind a screen all day and not communicate as much as we need to. Even when I’m apart of this issue by facing my screen and not the people I actually want to have a  conversation with. That social medias have put us in a stage where our brain is processing just to like a photo by, pressing a button on the screen and not expressing our feeling to the person in the picture.

Reflecting an amazing day-Trisha


At the pomona museum with interesting artifacts that have important background which is an eye opener. Lori Sisquoc was an elder that taught us how to make baskets and painting with materials and tools our ancestors would have used.

With Tory Mudd, she gave me so much information about stereotypes that were created in films and how popular that became. Even when all of these rememberable tragic moments happened to our people we are still here. Which can be an accomplishment or progress to keep growing in strength and support.

I really liked Pamela Peters has created an amazing poem that touched my heart because it talked about how we are part of a supporting community and that we aren’t just individuals with a history of native cultures, we’re the future of our cultures!

Reflection of today-

Today was a good day. Even when I was tired because waking up is like waking up for school. Also having a basket to bring home and tell the story is going to be a great memory to keep with me.

Pizter College, First Impression-Trisha

Traveling to Pizter college to see everyone from last year and meeting new people is always exciting. I thought ‘wow I’m here again’ to continue the adventures. I plan to make so many more memories being here. When everyone arrived the rush of energy was hard to continue while burning in the heat. Even though it is burning bum out here because Washington is rainy and cloudy most of the time, California is so beautiful!20160722_191940.jpg

Trisha is awesome because…

Hello, Im Trisha Smith from Lummi Nation in Bellingham WA. I see myself as an artist, runner, creative thinker, and shy. I go to Ferndale High school this is going to be my final year of high school which is very exciting. This program is amazing and I love it, third year attending cant wait to see what happens this week. Being shy puts me in difficult situations at school because I don’t like being a presenter in front of so many people. My favorite sport to play is volleyball. I never wanted to learn any other sport in middle school because I always played volleyball. I can listen to anything music but jazz. Jobs that I have done were within the tribe, I was titled as part of the work crew for a couple of years to clean, cut grass, and pick up garbage for about five weeks in the summer. Now I work in Human Resources with tribal members in Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC), I took time off to be part of this program. I plan to go to a college here in California my dream college is San Fransisco University to major in Business marketing or accounting. My second choice is to attend a college close to home, possible in Seattle.

Getting to know me#1 I adore kittens but I like having a dog as a pet.


1) My story, the commitment I would make to distribute my book as a website or posted on facebook. I would also talk to the LIBC to see if I would be able to hand out my experience to everyone that walks in. 

2)  I would share my story with, my father and all the people he cares about. I would like to share my story with the Lummi Youth Academy to give a bit more information about myself to them. Maybe I would share my story my last year in high school to my teachers and first year of college.

The last full day!

Im excited to go home, even though I wasn’t able to get as connected with the mentors and peers as much as I wanted to. Im sad that there is people I will not be  able to see next year but I’m happy to participate with everyone in the activities this year. This year didn’t feel as crowded as last year and we didn’t really get to go by the schedule which I thought was great.

Trisha’s Question:

Who will come back next year?

Home many pairs of shoes do you have?