Today was an okay day. Today was my auntie’s funeral.. She passed away when I was There was in California.. Hate seeing my families go through this. I think the best thing I,be heard on having a hard day is ” you sound just like your grandma Sharon when you talk, your real grandma”, because my spiritual grandma told me that. Best thing I can hear on having a bad day.❤️💔 the rest of the day after went good, my uncle got a room at the Silver Reef Casino we all just got done swimming.. I just hope tomorrow is better then today.😔😒😴… So the in loving memory picture is my auntie Gina, then I have quotes, then the two pictures of my grandma.. R.I.P grandma Sharon V. Revey- Scott and auntie Regina Ann Charles❤️❤️ rest in paradise!❤️ the future is yet to come, they will hold good and bad memories, let’s hope the good ones come first❤️ 



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  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss Ms. George! We are happy to hear the you sound healthy and your healing from her passing according to your tradtions. Yeah like going swiminng at the Silver Reef Hotel… So cool. Keep us posted on your journies in Lummi Land.

    I’m so happy to see you posting on the blog. Use the resources you gained during the summer and reach out to us anytime 909 706 5948 —- you know Rose Henry is just a call away and a stones throw from you 250 514 1552. Its kinda of funny that Lummi is further north than Victoria B.C…. talk to you soon on FB. lol

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