Today was a really great day, today we had a dinner for my uncle our little family was here not our huge big family because were not that close with all our families, so the job I got is paying me $10 and hour to do my family history I’ll be working with my school principal’s mom, but oh my gosh! my family history that’s going to take forever, I come from really big families. My day went pretty well the canoes landed here today for canoe journey, so Marla’s sister came because she is on canoe journey, so she came and today turned out really great for my uncles dinner, now were all just sitting here watching Netflix. I miss the village so much, Luhui and I talked for a few minutes and she was telling me she’s putting together a slideshow and she would send it to me so I’m excited to see what that’s going to look like! But I really want to FaceTime the ones who have Iphones so if you have an Iphone lets FaceTime. My sister and I are going to watch the canoes pull out and leave tomorrow from the Stommish Grounds so that will be good to go see everyone off as they make their journey to where there landing. It’s been really hot here lately so maybe even tomorrow we’ll go swimming, so I’m really tired today was a fun, long, exhausting day, so goodnight.. — MacKayla Sharon George



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