so this afternoon my sister and I were getting ready to go for a run, we see these people at our store and their shirt says Hope. They come up to us and ask us to join them at the Stommish Grounds and go play or watch basketball, no w these people are from different tribes at different place, there’s Oklahoma, Mexico, New York, these natives came from all over! So we go there and they feed us we watch games and between these games some natives from the groups will talk about their story during the breaks of the game. There was this one girl who told her story I was nearly crying. Me growing up so happy with my grandparents and having the perfect life sometimes makes it hard for me to understand people’s struggle, this girl now to me her story sounded fake but it couldn’t be. She got up in front of everyone and told her story and didn’t cry that takes a lot of courage, something I could never do without crying, she told us all that her mom would drag her around her house by her hair, tell her she was nothing that she wished she was dead, many hurtful things by her mom and step dad, she got into bad things to where she was ready to end her life with a gun, she then turned to god asked the creator, her story was so inspiring! Knowing that she went through so much and when I go through these smallest things I think it’s the end of the world! This girl was going through such a huge struggle she was going to end her life, but she didn’t she turned to God she turned to the creator and he guided her from there! That’s amazing how that works enit. That really opened my eyes on how to see things and I’m glad I get to connect with all these guys for 3 days! Definitely excited for tomorrow and Monday!❤️❤️😁😐 



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