Hello! My name is Agnes, I am 13 years young. I am Chumash and Pueblo on my mother’s side. I am Sicilian on my father’s side. I live in Atascadero, but some of my ancestors are from Malibu (Wishtoyo) and there are other places as well. That is just the one place I know we are for sure from. I don’t know pretty much anything about my Pueblo side. I also know very little about my Sicilian side. The one thing I do know is we were knights in Italy and that’s about it. I’m a very open minded person and I love to speak up to a lot of things I believe are wrong. It can get me in trouble at times but I do it anyway. I’m a very friendly person when you get to know me but on the outside I’m pretty shy. This is my first year attending the Pitzer College program. I’ve been involved with Wishtoyo and their programs for a while now. Today being my first day, I was nervous but knowing some people didn’t make it so hard. I did talk to new people that I’ve never meet and I am shy so it was kinda hard. Talking to each other in theatre made it not as nerve raking. All in all today being my first day was pretty good!


One thought on “Agnes Day 1

  1. Hi Agnes, glad to have you here at Pitzer and I think all the new faces will become like family soon. Keep speaking out against injustice – our voice is our best tool as humans and the courage to speak is special a gift. Thank you for sharing. – G

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