Suuhh DUDES!!!!!

My name is Chenoa Isaacs and I’m from Canada, BC. I live on Tseycum Reservation. I really love listening to music, and exploring in the nature. The school that I go to is called Parkland Secondary I’ll be going to grade 11. I took this class in grade 10 and it was Marine Science 10. I love the marine life, and thats what I’m really interested in:) I really love the ocean I feel like I have a connection, it makes me really calm when i look at it. I love canoeing on the ocean when I look down I see all the seaweed, and it makes me wonder whats under there.

BYE BYE!!!!!


One thought on “Chenoa Isaacs

  1. Great to meet you Chenoa and nice bio. You are going to love Wishtoyo and the marine biology program at Limu Island. What kind of canoe have you taken out on the ocean?…I would love to see a picture if you have one. see you this evening. – G

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