Hey y’all! My name is Ansel Rodriguez, my Nahuatl name is Quiztoc Achcuatli. I am from North East Los Angeles and I identify as Mexica. I see myself as a risk taking leader who engages himself in many different physical activities such as playing basketball, long distance running, and hiking. I attend Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory High School of North America and I am going into my junior year, in fact I’ve been at Anahuacalmecac since the first grade. I really enjoy new experiences and expanding my education, so I always involve my self in different summer programs. Last summer I was proud to be a part of the Han Ban Summer Bridge Program, which was basically a cultural exchange program. My school has this huge project called the personal project that the sophomore class must complete to culminate from the MYP. Recognitions that I have received and I am proud of are running in the half marathon and completing my personal project. I actually have presented publicly, I recited a poem at Self Help Graphics in support of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa. In my future I hope to better my community and continue my education.Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.45.40 PM


One thought on “Ansel’s bio

  1. Hi Ansel, nice to meet you yesterday. your bio is very well written, although you did not say what your “personal project” is – just curious. It’s great that you are using your poetry skills to advocate for the missing students from Ayotzinapa. I hope to hear some of your poetry while you are at Pitzer.

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