Hey! My name is Jasson Murgo and I identify myself as a Cora from Tepic Nayarit, Mexico. I see myself  as a leader in school, as well in sports. I consider myself a athlete, however
I focus on soccer because it is family tradition and I feel free when I play. In a
ddition, I also consider myself an artist as I have a Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.44.16 PMskill in drawing. I am from a school, Anahuacalmecac which is located in North East Los Angeles and I am on my way to being a Junior next year. I participate in the teen court for my school that includes a real case every month which is determined by twelve jurors. I also participate in a theater club, in which we create improve plays. I have volunteered at the L.A county fair for 5 days as part of Generation Green. I obtained an award for the S.H.A.D.E.S program as a requirement for teen court. Another award for teen court was for participating in CAYC. I gave a speech to the public about overcoming my challenges during the L.A County fair. I hope to have a successful education to have my dream job.


2 thoughts on “Jasson’s BIO

  1. Nice to meet you yesterday and great bio…I hope to see some of your artwork soon! The Teen Court sound pretty interesting – what kind of cases is teen court considering? One last question…what is your dream job???

    1. The teen court takes care of cases that involve minors. The minors have a choice to add the bad things into the record or be transferred to a teen court which determines if they’re guilty or not. We don’t consider it a punishment but a rehabilitation. My dream job would be involved with computer science because I did my personal project on that. I would also like to be an architect, something that has to do with writing and math

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