My name is Daniel Fabian and I am from Pomona, California. I am Native American and I’m also apart of the Pit River Tribe located in northern California. I see myself as a dreamer because I have a lot of goals I hope to accomplish. I currently go to Damien High School and will be a senior.daniel2 I have been to some native pipeline events at Western University in the past. A special project I have done at my school was to raise money and buy various items for families who couldn’t afford to give their family a good Christmas. Recognitions I have obtained at my school was Green Honor Roll and outstanding achievement in a chemistry course which means I finished top five in that course. I have not publicly given a speech before but maybe someday I will. Volunteer jobs I’m proud of is being a helper at a elementary school in which I taught 1st graders math and made sure they were able to understand the concepts. I hope to be less shy and quiet in the future because it is problem that I need to overcome.



2 thoughts on “Daniel Fabian First Blog

  1. Hi Daniel – happy to have you as part of the Pitzer program this summer. Nice bio – sounds like you are very involved with programs and helping in your community – very impressive. Looking forward to getting to know you better. – G

  2. Dear Daniel,
    You are a very accomplished young man and being shy and quiet is not a problem, it is part of growing up and something you will overcome naturally. It’s also part of your personality, you are humble and unassuming, which are traits of leaders.
    I am so proud of you.
    Aunt Lupe

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