My name is David Fabian, I am from Pomona, Ca. I am of Pit River descent, which is located in Northern California. I am going into my senior year at Damien High School, located in La Verne. Other programs I have done was Western University Pipeline Program and University of La Verne Summer Program. Jobs I have done was volunteering at churches and working for homeowners. Awards I received at school were honor rolls for keeping a good GPA. I see myself as a music lover and sport fanatic. What I hope to accomplish in the future is to go to college and hopefully get a job in the music industry or a  Pro-Sport franchise.


One thought on “David Fabian Bio- 1st Blog

  1. Great to have you here at Pitzer this Summer David. Do you know what aspect of the music industry or Sports franchise you would like to pursue? i.e. legal, promotions, programming, etc… Looking forward to getting to know you better. – G

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