Hiya! My name is Nick Miller and I’m from Atascadero, California. I’m Chumash and I see myself as a football player and runner. I’ve been playing football for 4 years and been running track for 4 years as well. I go Atascadero High School and will be going into my Junior year. I’ve been going to this program for 3 years and am planning on following through all the way into being a mentor when I get into college. I hope to accomplish in becoming a marine biologist to protect the oceans and it’s creatures.Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.25.26 PM.png


One thought on “Good Vibes by Nick Miller

  1. Hi Nick – glad to have you back this year. Hopefully you are stoked about the Limu Island experience next week and it will be a good prep for your future studies. Do you know which colleges you plan to apply to that offer a Marine Biology degree? – G

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