Hi everyone! My name is Kyla Summer P. I’m from Bellingham WA. This is my second year attending this awesome program. I’m enrolled in the Lummi Nation, and I am also Athabaskin which is from a tribe in Alaska. Something I really enjoy is traveling and passing time with animals. This year I am a rising Junior at Ferndale High. Something I’m good at is Art. I entered a Patriotic Art Competition and won first place for Districts. I see myself as an artist and nature lover. For Freshman and Sophomore year I was in a Native American Leadership class named Oksale. We did many excited activities and always gave back to our community. But this upcoming year I got accepted into our school leadership class and I’m very excited to start! What I hope to accomplish in the future is to attend college in California and become a zoologist.


Sincerely yo girl


ps. this is my picture i drew lol



2 thoughts on “Hola me llamo Kyla Polasky; First day/blog

  1. Hi Kyla,
    Glad to have you back this year. I love your drawing – picture within a picture – the composition speaks to what images mean to us. Your drawing ability is really good! What types of projects did you do in your community for Leadership? – G

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