At the Pomona Museum I liked having the opportunity to place myself into a different native culture, other than my own, and drawing something spontaneously but also drawing something that meant a lot to me. With the artifacts, I had varied emotions.

The stereotypical depictions of Native Americans in film by hollywood directors presented by Tory Mudd was really eye opening. I mean, I already know what is wrong and what is right when watching a native movie made by people that aren’t a part of the native lifestyle and who only hear one side of the story, and I have known this since I learned to think for myself but Tory Mudd’s presentation made it seem even more important and I respect her for making it known to people who don’t understand.

When Pamela Peters showed short clips I really enjoyed it and became emotional when watching the video she made with her own writings. Her poem was true. I’ve been through what is depicted in the words she wrote. I’ve seen my family struggle to forget the past. I’m facing my own struggles to forget the past, or at least heal from it because I need to.

We should respond to stereotypes by setting the record straight to oblivious people.


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