Elder Lori Sisquoc:

Making the baskets and painting on the canvas was a great experience! Excited to pass on my first basket to a family member or friend. Back home we have the same teaching! Like with cedar hats (or beading), after you make your first hat (or jewlry) you have to give it away and gift it to someone who is special to you or even a stranger. It felt very nice to know that some cultures have the same teachings or the same beliefs. I also loved learning  from lori, she is a great teacher/elder and I’m so thankful that she took the time to share some of her knowledge ❤

Tory Mudd:

I thought her presentation was very good. She was the narrator, and she told the stories very well.

Pamela Peters:

I think that her videos were amazing and they were very inspirational. I loved how she told us to show our voices and embrace our culture! Spread greatness through our communities and the world.




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