Visit with Elder Lori Sisquoc:

One of my thoughts on the archive of artifacts was learning about a different representation of story telling. On the surface of the artifacts it may seem that the pictures and patterns that were put on there to make the artifacts look nice and beautiful. But the drawings are actually telling a story and have memories and moments captured and are kept sacred by ancestors. I learned that our ancestors left many presentations of their legacy and the artifacts I witnessed today were one of them.

I had had a wonderful time learning how to create traditional indigenous baskets and painting on cloth with paint that were made different trees and plants. I also had a lot of fun in theater that had different activities that brought the whole group together and form unity. Overall I had a great first day.




One thought on “Primer dia de la Lluvia

  1. Thank you for sharing Tlaloc!

    In also though it was amazing to hear about the indigenous folks using art to transfer and preserve their knowledge and histories. They were very creative and expressive.

    P.S. the basket making was awesome!

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