Today was a busy day, and a little rough for me because I can never sleep well the first night at camp. I was really sleepy this morning, but martial arts with Hector was a lot of fun. Even though it was 6 a.m. it was incredibly hot- I’ll remember to bring water next time. I can’t wait for our progression with fighting over the next week. Then we had breakfast, and after we headed for academic writing with Shelva Hurley. This is not my favorite class because I do academic writing in my sleep. When we finished, we went to Pomona college for a worm lab with worms called C. elegans. C. elegans is used to study the human brain. This is because they have a similar central nervous system, yet much simpler. C. elegans has 302 neurons in its brain…compared to our 85 billion. We also got to see the muscles of the worms glow, which was super cool. When we were finished we talked about the subject “Who goes to college”.  Then we headed to lunch. Afterwards, we saw the Pomona museum and we had a talk regarding immediate word association between “museum” and “native artifacts”. Then came what was the most definite highlight of my day: basketmaking! I’m absolutely in love with how mine turned out. We’re supposed to give our first of a craft away; first beadwork, sometimes first medicine bag, and first basket. But I just don’t think I can part with mine! We also used paint that we mixed by using pigments, water, and salt. We then painted on small pieces of canvas. I did outer space.Then dinner, and then theatre with Rose Portillo. Today was super tiring but enjoyable all the same. 


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