At the pomona museum with interesting artifacts that have important background which is an eye opener. Lori Sisquoc was an elder that taught us how to make baskets and painting with materials and tools our ancestors would have used.

With Tory Mudd, she gave me so much information about stereotypes that were created in films and how popular that became. Even when all of these rememberable tragic moments happened to our people we are still here. Which can be an accomplishment or progress to keep growing in strength and support.

I really liked Pamela Peters has created an amazing poem that touched my heart because it talked about how we are part of a supporting community and that we aren’t just individuals with a history of native cultures, we’re the future of our cultures!

Reflection of today-

Today was a good day. Even when I was tired because waking up is like waking up for school. Also having a basket to bring home and tell the story is going to be a great memory to keep with me.


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