Idle No More with JOE PARKER

Today I liked talking about how a group of people stood up against the Mexican government from taking over communal land from indigenous peoples to the land in Chiapas. The United States government passed a new law with the Mexico and Canada called NAFTA(The North American Free Trade Agreement) which allowed the governments to disallow ejidos, communal land, and sell it off to each other. But a group called The Zapatistas went into Chiapas which was the next target, and took back a few cities in the state of Chiapas to protect the lands of the native people to that land. What really interested me about them was that they protect themselves from the government by bringing celebrities or people of importance from all over the world. I was very intrigued today, The Zapatistas were the most intriguing thing to me today.


One thought on “Laloc’s Return

  1. Glad you connected with the information about the peoples movement in Chiapas. I am also completely inspired by the Zapatista movement and how they have used powerful images and art to inspire revolutionary change in the Chiapas region of Mexico to protect their land and people. I often teach about the movement in my media studies courses. You can find many documentaries about the the Zapatistas and interviews with Subcomandante Marcos on youtube and because they are very aware of the power of image making – there are many great images of Zapatistas on the web.

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