In the Morning we used all the skills we learned in yesterdays martial arts game in todays native version of capture the flag. We had to resort to a tie breaker by doing the little martial arts competition and I won again and I received a gift from Hector our instructor which was a bracelet. We also did this really helpful activity in the computer lab where we had to research 5 colleges I want to apply to and I just learned a lot if information that I didn’t know before. I researched the graduation rates of Native Americans in college and I learned about different majors that these colleges have, some of them really appeared to my interest. Today what Saginaw Grant spoke to us about had a huge impact on me. It had me really thinking and I found myself directly relating to the story he told us. The moral of the story was to live life slowly and to learn different things as you go on this journey of life. I often see myself growing up to fast and I need to slow down and process different experiences I go through and really find the importance and knowledge of each experience.


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