Today was a nice day we started the day out with the Indigenous games with Hector Pacheco and I really enjoyed myself and had a great time also it was nice to start the day off with the Indigenous games and do those activities that he gave us. But after a while the heat  started to get to me so there were times where I was getting frustrated and tired  but I still tried to manage to have a  positive attitude and to participate as much as I could. 28514001926_c85abeff1f_zThen I was really excited to dissect a cows eye because I know I won’t EVER have the opportunity or resource to dissect a  cows eye and plus It’ll sound cool when I get to tell my friends and family that I got to  dissect a cows eye man not a lot of people today my age get to say that they did that. But then it ended up being canceled but in the bright side on Wednesday  I    get to do a Sheep brain dissection so Im very excited to do that but yeah. Then we had the one and only ROSA PORTILLO class dude and her class today was an emotional rollercoaster you can say and I honestly didn’t think I was gonna feel the way I did  but I did. But we were asked to bring something that showed or represented the person thats most important to us . So I decided to bring one of my traditional blouses and it reminded me of my mom and she is very important to me in so many ways. And she always wears those kind of blouses and every time we would go to Mexico she would always get us matching blouses. And I felt that what everybody had to say was really important and it brought us closer as a group as well. But also we did an activity with Kim Marcus and we got to shoot bow and arrows and we were able to make mesquite pancakes and they were really good and that was really fun and I was able to learn more about his culture as well. But overall it was a good day but yeah LLLAAATTTEEERRRRSSSS.



2 thoughts on “The moody day by Jade

  1. Glad to hear that you are having a great time and meeting wonderful people. Thank you for the beautiful words.

  2. Wow – Jade – thank you for sharing such a nice story about your and your mom and the matching blouses. And thank you for keeping a positive attitude through the heat and the disappointment of no cow eyes!!! Hopefully you will get your fill of dissection on Wednesday with the brain session! 🙂 I agree the mesquite pancakes were yummy – thank you Kim Marcus!

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