Monday. Started at 6am. Again. And let me tell you, it is not always grand. Started off with playing indigenous games with Hector Pacheco. Today Hector told us about his grandfather who shared and passed down these games to him. Reminded me of my grandparents when they share a teaching. It is a real honor being able to learn these traditional games. And it is a great way to build community. As the day went on we had a Neuro science presentation by Tom Borowski. Which I thought was real interesting learning about the functions of Neurons. I am starting to think I might be a little interested in the cognitive aspect of Neuro science. The next activity we went to was with Elder Kim Marcus (Mr. Marcus) who explained all about acorns and how the women used to ground them, remove the shell and used them to make food. It was a little challenging doing the techniques that the women used. Then after a couple food breaks we had theater with Rose. Today we built our own alter and put what Rose asked us to bring. Rose directed us to bring an objected that reminded us of some. It was good to be able to share and hear stories. It was very powerful.

Overall, today felt a little restless but powerful.

P.s down bellow is a picture of myself participating in an indigenous game.

Thank you.




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