Indigenous games with Hector was very important in progress for me. Being able to improve over the short amount of time we have with him in the morning is impressive. The story he told of his knowledge of where this game wasn’t going to last because warriors/teachers were being killed so, they went underground to continue practicing and teaching.

Writing common app class, it was a lot of knowledge about college opportunities that are open to anyone. Free money just by writing an essay expressing myself and sharing my story.


The native foods that are made around my house is fry bread and hamburger soup by my aunty. She sells her food around the tribe to make money to buy gifts for my little cousins that mean the world to her. I love her a lot. Her fry bread is unique because she takes her time or rushes and I can taste the difference between them.

Also my step-mother Lisa makes her fry bread taste so differently than my aunty’s. They can be different in taste if they were made with the same ingredients but different amount of each ingredients.



My slow healing scar on my knee (/.\)


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