HHHHHEEEELLLOOOOOOO I hope you are having a great day. Today was a very eventful day for me I touched a humans heart and lungs it was crazy and I also did some very funny activities with Hector Pacheco and that was really funny for me. And I also had a lecture from Albert Wachtel on shakespeare and it was really cool like I liked how he got so into it when he was teaching and I thought it was amazing how he has been teaching for 40 years like that was soooo mind blowing and impressive as well. Then we also had theater class and that was really fun as well I honestly feel that everyday that I go to her class I am slowly stepping out of my little shell and getting more comfortable with my self as well as with my peers and mentors. But the second BEST part of my day was I had an AMAZING conversation with the Italians today during lunch. I was actually dared by Sabrina to go sit where the Italians are and have lunch with them and I was so whatever about it and I knew that they were gonna talk crap about me in their language but I ended up talking up  a STORM with the students it was sooooo cool. We talked about California and music and we were just throwing questions at each other back to back it was great but only some of them were able to communicate with me and we just had a great conversation with each other I feel. But the ULTIMATE best damn part was touching a humans heart like that was crazy honestly at first I was like I don’t think I’m gonna be able to handle it like I thought I was gonna throw up or like faint or something but I hanged in there but the smell WHOA man like that was the worst thing and uncomfortable smell I have ever smelled it was bad honestly for me. Also I was able to touch human lungs that was awesome it felt so thick and squishy like I honestly felt like ripping a piece from the heart I just felt the urge to do it for some reason but it was a great experience and NOW I can say that I have officially touched a humans heart and lung. Well that was my day I had so much fun and I love all the opportunities that the program is giving me but yeah llllaaaaaatttttteeeerrrrssss.


One thought on “AYE whats up grrrrl: Jade

  1. WOW! WHAT A DAY! I am sooooooo glad that you are enjoying yourself and making new discoveries from within and the external environment around you. These are wonderful memories and experiences that you are creating and they need to be cherished because there will come a day where you will look back and think fondly of all that has happened this summer.
    I think it’s great that you are interacting with other student’s from other countries because truly that is part of the college experience and please don’t always feel that because someone is speaking another language that we may not understand that they are speaking something negative about us. Sometimes we speak to one another in our language in front of someone else and we are not communicating anything negative. I know that it’s easy to think right away when we are interacting with others that we don’t know and they start speaking to each other in their language right away we become self conscious and think that they are saying something about us, but you never know it could be something very positive but they may be embarrassed to say up front.
    What an ineradicable experience to have touched a human heart and lungs! So maybe now you may be thinking of becoming a physician or surgeon? 😉 🙂 ;).

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