For me the best part of today was when we talked about Shakespeare, I actually thought the class was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot and I was very alert in that class while most of the people where dozing off. Haha. I can’t remember the teachers name but he really inspired me and got me to think outside of the box. I also really liked the way he taught because it was really intriguing for me and I would like to now major in Romance Languages, Literature, and Linguistics. The reason I say now is because I really had no inspiration on what my major would be until we had this class. Another thing I appreciated was the gross anatomy with the human heart, kidney, and lungs. I actually did a cadaver anatomy before but what kept in my mind was that these were people with lives and family so that really took a toll on me because I couldn’t get that out of my mind. I also didn’t even touch the cadaver at all out of respect for the persons body. But this time around I felt like I was prepared mentally for the anatomy and thinking that this is for Educational purposes and that this person decided to do this for this reason and I really appreciated that. I prayed before the anatomy to Yousin (the creator) that he would allow me to go forth with the anatomy. I also enjoyed that Scott brought his dogs the brown one really brought me joy because he was really playful and kept licking my hand. By the way it’s Sabrinahhhh

(Again this picture doesn’t apply to the blog but it’s all good)



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