This morning we learned how to do a game called The Chicken Dance. We held one foot up with one hand and interlocked our other hand with our partner. The first one to fall or let go of their foot lost. This really brought us closer and we learned how to thank each other after each game. Later we came to the computer lab and looked up scholarships we can apply for to get money for when we start college. Two of my friends and I found an easy scholarship that we applied for in class. Next we meet with a college professor and learned a little about the history of the haudenosaunee. We went to Western University and first we were handling organs. We were learning about what side of the organs is bigger and smaller. We felt hearts that had cancer and you could see black spots on the top of it. Next we went to see a virtual cadavers on a new type of technology. I think the future for medical school but they still need to add a few more features. One thing I asked about was if they had different bodys to look at because not every human body is the same. I think with in 10 years the technology will be way more advanced than it is now. When we left we headed to where our mentor Belmont lived in college. We got a machete and went back to Pitzer to make a banana tree that was already out of the ground into composed. We went crazy on the tree slashing it over and over again. At the end of the day we went to theater and we shared a tradition with a partner and then made gestures with each other of what their story meant with us.


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