So this morning we played four ancestral Hawaiian games that Hector Pacheco shared with us. The games required a lot of upper body strength and because I was sore from working out yesterday I didn’t really do to well. Then on the spear throw I was the one who threw my spear the furthest. I really enjoyed looking up different scholarships and being exposed to resources that are really going to benefit me on my pursuit to college. I actually already figured out a scholarship I am going to be working on this week. I didn’t really put to much thought into touching the Human hearts and lungs because I did it recently in another program but I still made sure to be very respectful while dealing  with the organs. What really got me thinking today was thinking about traditions that I have with my family and when I put some thought into it my family doesn’t really have many. One of the ones that we do have and I truly appreciate is that every time one of my family members or I is sick my mom makes teas that really make me feel better. Its not just the tea that makes me feel good, Its the love that my mom puts into that makes the real difference.


Here are some of the pictures from yesterday.


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