Today was the same morning schedule as usual. We wake up at 6:30m and go to the indigenous games with Pacheco. In this session, we played a game called the chicken dance where we had to push each other out of a circle standing on one leg and holding one hand. We also threw sticks like if they were spears and played game where we had to roll stones in between to small sticks about two feet apart. After that we looked for five scholarships online using a website called FastWeb. We then went to a session involving Shakespeare and his poems. We compared how the poems could apply to our lives. We then traveled to Western U where we looked at a virtual Autonomy  and then later looked at real human hearts, lungs, and kidneys. Finally we had theater class and it was pretty interesting when we had to become a snake, jaguar, eagle, or hurricane. After, we told a story to a partner and we had to make a sculpture that related to what we are told.


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