Ok so in the morning I woke up much better than yesterday, I was not tired and i was ready to go! We learned and played more indigenous games and I had a really fun time. We threw spears at some kind of tree and threw some more spears to see our distance. After we looked for scholarships and made a fastweb account which is a website for scholarships, then we shifted over and watched some indigenous short films, I liked two out of three. Later on in the day we traveled to Western University and leaned about the heart and some other things like the kidney. We were able feel hearts, lungs, and a kidney. Then we went to another part of Western University which was called “virtual reality lab”where on a big tablet we were able to set it up to take out the skin and see the heart(it was not a real person). Today was a little hard as well because it was my moms birthday and i felt really bad I could not be there with her.




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