Tuesday morning, just like the morning before we had Indigenous games with Hector. We learned some native Hawaiian games. One being The Chicken Dance. It was absolutely hilarious standing in the middle of a circle on one leg, holding your partners hand trying to get someone out. It brought me many laughs this morning. Then we had class which is writing workshops and college admissions. I specifically liked that we were given time to look up scholarships and make note of them. Made me feel way more confident in applying. I inserted some pictures of myself in admissions on top. Then we met with a UC Riverside professor, Michelle Raheja. She talked about native film writers and producers then showed us a couple short films by native film makers. I thought it was interesting how it incorporated science fiction but still respected native culture. As the day went on we had Shakespeare with Albert Watchtel. He started by talking about Native traditions and kinda comparing them to literature. It was a little challenging to keep up with him and at times got confusing. Then, we got to travel to Western U to observe virtual cadavers of the human anonymity. We also got to actually hold a human heart, lungs and kidney. It felt like a whole new learning process but was still really interesting. After we came back to Pitzer and had some free time until dinner. Afterwards we had theater. Theater brings me lots of laughter especially when we are acting out like animals.

Over all I feel like throughout my day I was productive, interested and tired.

Thank you.



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