1. An object I would put on the altar would be my beaded necklace. I bought it during canoe journeys in 2012. Whenever I see it, I think of my culture because of how beautiful it is. Looking at it reminds me of how beautiful and unique my culture is and also reminds me how much I love it.
  2. A tradition that is meaningful to me is getting together every year on Christmas Eve and playing the White Elephant with my family. We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, even before I was born. Everyone in my family comes and we have a blast eating wonderful food and playing the White Elephant. Getting together for Christmas Eve dinner is what I look forward to every year become spending quality family time makes me feel great.
  3. A tradition I would like to create is saving any animal who needs help around me. I could get this tradition passed around my community by making a Facebook Page and putting flyers around my community. This is important to me because all lives matter and that include animals.

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