My Reflection; ksp

This was my second year doing the program and it was yet another year of amazing memories. I learned so much about scholarships that I didn’t know before. With this new knowledge, I feel more prepared for college and it’s a little bit less scary. I’m very thankful for this program, it makes me motivated to go to college and most importantly prepares me for a bright future. Tomorrow will be hard to leave all my close friends and all my new friends. During the program we all become so close and it’s always hard saying good bye. To close, I’d like to thank everyone who puts the program together, the elders who give us their time, and the students who participate in the program and make it complete. Thank you for another great summer!


Reflecting on an amazing experience; KSP

My second time at Wishtoyo was yet again another amazing trip. I learned more about my culture and how important it is to keep traditions. A first time experience I did was go snorkeling at the island. At first I was scared, but it was wonderful to see the sea critters with my own eyes instead of through pictures. My biggest take-away from Wishtoyo is learning how strong and powerful women are. I learned this through our Women’s ceremony, and felt honored to be apart of it. My biggest take-away from Limu Island is that there is land out here that is still very sacred and fresh. What I mean by this is that at Limu Island there’s native plants and Native Artifacts still on the Island from a long time ago.

Answering Rose’s Questions; Kyla Summer

  1. An object I would put on the altar would be my beaded necklace. I bought it during canoe journeys in 2012. Whenever I see it, I think of my culture because of how beautiful it is. Looking at it reminds me of how beautiful and unique my culture is and also reminds me how much I love it.
  2. A tradition that is meaningful to me is getting together every year on Christmas Eve and playing the White Elephant with my family. We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, even before I was born. Everyone in my family comes and we have a blast eating wonderful food and playing the White Elephant. Getting together for Christmas Eve dinner is what I look forward to every year become spending quality family time makes me feel great.
  3. A tradition I would like to create is saving any animal who needs help around me. I could get this tradition passed around my community by making a Facebook Page and putting flyers around my community. This is important to me because all lives matter and that include animals.

Heart Day; ksp

Today was an interesting. First we started the day with indigenous games which was exciting and fun! Next I learned how to apply for scholarships and where to find them. I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to learn this because before today, I had no idea how to find a scholarship. But the most riveting part of my day was holding a human heart and lungs. When holding these organs, I felt  emotional because these were in a living human being. Other than that, it was a one time experience and I’m glad I learned more about the human body.

love my friends


Indigenous Day; ksp

While making traditional food with Elder Kim Marcus I felt very honored. I felt this way because some traditions die out and I was happy to learn how to make food that our ancestors cooked. Some food traditions we have in my culture is frybread and seafood. The seafood has special meaning to us because our sea creatures are slowly dying away and they play a big role in our culture.

btw I had fun teaming up with my wife Kat


Wisdom Day; ksp

Today we listened to Joe Parker talk to us about Idle No More. Through the lesson, I was happy to learn more about the Idle No More and learn when and how it all started. Also today I felt very honored to listen to Saginaw Grant share his inspiring story with us. His story made me truly believe we can achieve any goal as long as you try you best. An issue that I am passionate about is animal abuse. I would love to put a stop to animal abuse or try my hardest. All lives matter

Day two: 104 degrees KSP

My thoughts about the collection at the museum are very a lot better than last year. I was happy to see that many of the artifacts there went back to their original home. This year I was also excited to hear them tell us more information about the artifacts. By listening to Tory Mud talk I feel as if what she’s doing to change stereotypes is very creative and interesting. I’m happy to hear that there are people out here fighting for change through social media in a respective way. We can respond to stereotypes about us through film by showing that they’re false and we’re all not the same.


Above all I made two new friends, The Double D’s. Love them

Hola me llamo Kyla Polasky; First day/blog

Hi everyone! My name is Kyla Summer P. I’m from Bellingham WA. This is my second year attending this awesome program. I’m enrolled in the Lummi Nation, and I am also Athabaskin which is from a tribe in Alaska. Something I really enjoy is traveling and passing time with animals. This year I am a rising Junior at Ferndale High. Something I’m good at is Art. I entered a Patriotic Art Competition and won first place for Districts. I see myself as an artist and nature lover. For Freshman and Sophomore year I was in a Native American Leadership class named Oksale. We did many excited activities and always gave back to our community. But this upcoming year I got accepted into our school leadership class and I’m very excited to start! What I hope to accomplish in the future is to attend college in California and become a zoologist.


Sincerely yo girl


ps. this is my picture i drew lol