1. Well when we had Rosas class I putt a traditional blouse that reminded me of my mom. Because every year when my parents have the funds to take my family we always go to the venders that are selling on the sidewalk outside of the hotels or around the street and my mom always gets me and her a matching blouses ever since I was little. Even our traditional regalia my dad always makes me and my mom matching and its something that we have been doing together since I was born honestly. And it makes me feel closer to her and loved and yeah. LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!
  2. A tradition thats meaningful to me is Cuauhtemoc. Because every year I attend a ceremony with my family and we go dance and my friends come and my other family members come also and I always manage to have a great time and every year is a better and different experience for me I have to say. Well its a two day ceremony and before we go dance witch usually falls on on a weekend and before we go dance we first have a Velacion. A Velacion is when everybody brings their chiwandas and rattles and hand drums and we just stay up all night singing until its morning. And sometimes there are people who sleep there and just get ready there and we dance from there. And we march to where the Cuauhtemoc statue is witch is in Lincoln Park  and once we get there we start forming a circle and dance for a good couple of hours. And every time I start dancing I always get this rush for some reason and I get excited and I try my best to put all positive energy and good thoughts while I’m dancing. Also I love it when I’m marching and I can smell the copal and it just puts me in a good place and I love seeing the colors from other peoples regalia.
  3. A tradition that I would like to create is a day where you gather a group of your closest friends or closest family members and have a praying ceremony. I feel that it would be fun and awesome to pass that down and have some kind of way to be closer with your friends and family and just pray to your ancestors. It would fall on July 1st because why not and you would have a  fire going on and you will just create a circle and pray.

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