1. The object is black, has letters on it, used to block the sun and is not from the United States. My uncle is from the same place the certain object is from. My uncle is from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. My uncle was always proud of where he was from. At parties, once music that came from Culiacan was played, there wasn’t anything to stop him from going ahead and grabbing someone and dancing with them. He was never disappointed from where he came from.
  2. Every Christmas since 2014, it has been held at my new house. But before I moved, every Christmas was held at my father’s parent’s house. But every year my grandmother and my mother would make tamales with arroz and frijoles. Also everyone would be there every year and every year I always look forward to seeing my family come together and bringing happiness to the households.
  3. Every birthday for my uncle I would want to have an altar with a picture of him and bless his soul so that the his body will once again be one with the earth. I would want to used natural plants so I might want to use sage.

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