1. I have a necklace here in California with me that means a lot to me. I got it two years ago at pitzer pipeline from a friend of mine. To be completely honest, he was the first guy I felt free to open up to and is still a really good friend of mine. When he gave it to me I felt important and I didn’t know I was the type of friend someone would give a present to. I guess it might be something not that important but it’s really important to me because it does make me the person I am today. And even though I’m still fighting with my emotions and my past but then I think of all the things that make me feel important and right now at Pipeline the orange shelled necklace with blue rocks on it (I wish I knew the actual names) makes me feel important.
  2. A tradition that has a lot of meaning to me would be when I go to my grandparents house for

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