Diego’s Traditions

One thing I would like to put on an altar is something that resembles the moon. My grandpa pasted away almost two years ago and when ever I see a moon I think of him. He would joke around with me as I was growing up that he was going to send me to the moon. A tradition I have with my family is every Easter we go to my grandmas for Easter. We as a family get together to have a egg hunt through the whole front and back year. One tradition I would like to have is to have a run with friends and family early in the mornings  of holidays and special occasions.




One thought on “Diego’s Traditions

  1. violetvision11 says:

    My grandpa passed away two years ago as well. He visited me in a dream that consisted of him pointing and smiling at the moon. What a wonderful symbol to remember your grandpa and the Creator’s love.

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