1. An object I would put on the alter is a picture of an Apache Crown Dancer, more specifically the head Crow Dancer. The reason why is because it reminds me of my dad who was a natural born leader. At Sherman my dad played the role of the head Crown Dancer and when he committed suicide awhile ago we brought out a lot of pictures of him in High School in his attire. Also seeing these pictures really made me proud that he was my dad and that he taught me to be proud of where I come from.
  2. To me a tradition that has a lot of meaning to me is what’s called an Apache Sunrise Dance and what that is, is basically a girl’s puberty ceremony and how she is then transformed into a women. Usually the ceremony takes 6-8 month in preparation and last about a week. The ceremony really takes endurance, strength, and motivation. Because you feel the spirit of the White Painted Women, who was the mother of Apaches and is a powerful women. So it was really life-changing for me to experience this. Also every women in my family has had a Sunrise Dance.
  3. A tradition I would create is that the women in my future family would be gifted a pouch of yellow powder to pray with, an eagle plum to protect her, a red stone to give her endurance, and a pair of moccasins so she will always remember to walk in beauty through life and to be brought in a good way. To be close with her traditions and respect all her people. Because women are really praised in the Apache tribe so I would gift her these scared items to help protect her up brining in the world.

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